When we get married, many of us feel that we have lost their love and find it boring. In order to maintain the freshness of the relationship and make you husband love you more, here are some tips for you:

1. Blow gently on the side of his ear and wake him up

Sleeping late is the best thing in the world. If you will only “interrupt” him with a relentless alarm clock, or rant and recklessly criticize this little lazy pig, it will only ruin your gentle temperament. Even if the time is not enough for him to stay in sweet dreams, try not to “wake up” him “anxiously” in such an impatient way.

Blowing in his ear will be more useful and cuter than an alarm clock or a strong cup of coffee, and he will be moved by your intimate actions and will be thinking of you all day.

2. Give him a shave

Of course, your technique must be skilled, otherwise you will scratch the skin, the effect will be even worse! Let him lie in your arms, then apply foam, gently, softly, and finally slide your fingertips across his clean-shaven face, and send him a sweet kiss, and let him feel your tenderness.

3. Cook for him and prepare a romantic candlelit dinner

As the saying goes, “if you wanna get a man’s love, grab a man’s stomach first.”, there is some truth in it, maybe you are not a good cook, even not good at the fried eggs , but it doesn’t matter, because you have showed your heart which is precious for couples.

Find out what kind of foods your man likes, and then find a simple recipe, first practice a few times or ask your mother for help till you are good enough to cook.

4. Send him a big cake and a bunch of flowers to his office on his birthday.

Remember to send a big birthday cake and a bunch of flowers to his office on his birthday, and let him feel your love. Don’t forget to leave a suggestive card on the flowers, and make him spend the whole day looking forward to the passionate night with you!

5. Doing sports with him

Almost every man has at least one sport they like, whether it is climbing mountains or swimming, whether it’s basketball or golf, whether you love it or not, try to do sports with him. Even if you’re a sports idiot, at least one day per month to do the exercise he likes, even if it’s just to be with him.

6. Use some sex toys to spice up bedroom things

If you are tired of boring sex, try to use some Cooxer sex toys to spice things up. They can help during foreplay and reach ogasm, finally making couples have a more intimate and playful lifestyle.